GRB 087: 1937 Cord


GRB 87 Tom Mix Cord strictly limited run of 90
GRB 87A Metallic Green strictly limited run of 50
GRB 87B Black strictly limited run of 50

GRB 87C Maroon strictly limited run of 50
GRB 87D White strictly limited run of 50

The Tom Mix Cord was specially customised for Tom Mix (a famous cowboy who owned his own circus). Customised parts include: initials on steering wheel, side grill, gas pedal; a place for his gun in its holster under the dashboard; leather saddle effect stone guards on the side of the car. Also factory fitted spare wheel carrier. All these features are replicated in the models. The current owner of the real car helped with details so we know this is an authentic customisation. Available as top up or down, please specify when ordering.
The maroon and black Cord (along with the Tom Mix Cord) were the only versions with spare wheel carriers on the back made from the factory. The maroon car was owned by Al Jolson and the black car was owned by Barbara Stanwyck. The white and green were standard vehicles.

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